There are two options when paying Swim School fees:

  • Direct Debit
  • Term booking

Direct Debit

Swim School fees can be directly taken out of your bank account on a fortnightly basis. Anyone on this option will have their current enrolment day, time and level ‘roll over’ to the next term. Direct debit enrolments will automatically be secured forever until it is cancelled. To cancel a direct debit enrolment, pleas fill out a cancellation form which you can download from the link below

Click here to complete the Swim School direct debit cancellation form 

Term booking

Swim School fees are required to be paid in full at time of enrolment. A term booking will not ‘roll over’ into the next term. Responsible persons are required to re-enrol during re-enrolment weeks.

New Student enrolments

‘New student’ refers to someone who is not enrolled into the current term. New student enrolments are taken from the last week of the term. This new enrolment has the option of enroling for the term only or direct debit.

If your child has never been enrolled with our Swim School, please fill out a new student enrolment form from the link below

Click here to complete a new enrolment

If you wish to pay for lesson with our direct debit option, please fill out the Swim School Direct Debit form, in addition the new student enrolment form

Click here to complete the Direct Debit form

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