'Lil Petals Creche

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‘Lil Petals Creche offers short term care for children while their parent/carer are enjoying all GRALC’s facilities. Parents/carers can have peace of mind knowing their child is enjoying quality care in a happy, friendly and safe environment.

Our staff work together as a team to provide consistent quality care, strict hygiene and safe environment.

Operating Times

Monday – Friday: 9am - 12pm

Please note: The Creche is not open on weekends, public holidays, or during NSW school holidays 


Creche fees

Casual visit: $7.00 per child (per hour or part thereof)

Multipass: $160 for 30 visits (per hour or part thereof)

Please do not bring nuts or nut products due to children with allergies

All prams/pushers, drink containers, bags, etc. must be clearly labelled. Please provide a hat for your child to encourage sun safety. In the interest of public health and the wellbeing of other children, we will not accept any child into our care who has a contagious condition or skin condition. If your child is feeling unwell, please keep the child at home.

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