Personal Training

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What is Personal Training (PT)?

At Griffith Regional Aquatic Centre, we want you to receive the best personal training and the quickest results money can buy, our instructors will create and deliver a safe and effective program designed to you and your needs.  Our instructors will motivate you through your workout and provide advice on exercise outside of the session. All of our Personal Trainers are fully qualified and are insured through Griffith City Council.

How will PT benefit you? 

  • Structure - Meeting your Personal Trainer for appointments will ensure you get regular exercise
  • Results - Personal Trainers are educated to ensure you get results, so they can make the most of your time
  • Variety - They will keep your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to keep you on track
  • Motivation - Progress means results, and results mean motivation to strive for that next level of fitness!
  • Progression - As your fitness improves, your Personal Trainer will always modify your exercise to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum results!

One-on-one PT

  • Complete personalised attention
  • The best and fastest way to achieve results
  • Session times and exercise program are tailored to suit your needs

Buddy and Group PT

  • Added benefit of training with a friend(s) or family member(s)
  • A cost-effective way of utilising the benefit of personal training
  • Available in groups of 2-6


  • PT is sold in blocks of sessions or packages (ie. 1, 5, 10, sessions)
  • Discounts apply to PT packages of 5 or more.
  • Discuss with your trainer whether the 30 or 60 minute option is better for you
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