Credits are only issued in extenuating circumstances or for extended periods of notified absences in conjunction with a doctor’s certificate.

Credits will not be issued for a single missed lesson during the term. Please see our make-up policy in this instance.


No refunds will be given except in exceptional circumstances as determined by GRALC management. Cancelled term enrolments will receive a credit to their swim school account equal to the value of any future unused lessons. No refunds will be given for classes missed during the term or during intensive lessons.


Make-ups can only be issued when an absence has been notified at least 2 hours prior to the lesson. Make-ups can not be guaranteed. Make-ups can not be carried over to the next term or transferred to credit.

Medical Policy

If a child is enrolled into Splash Swim School and has a medical condition, the responsible person must list the type of condition in the enrolment details. All information provided is kept confidential in line with council’s privacy and confidentiality policy.


Your enrolment does not automatically carry on to the following term unless on Direct Debit. Term enrolments will have the opportunity during the term to re-enrol for the next term. Enrolments will not be taken if money is outstanding on a child’s file.

Family Discounts

Second child will receive 10% off and any child after that will receive 20% off their lesson. Discounts apply to both direct debit and term enrolments.

Participants Responsibilities

All Splash Swim School Participants and responsible persons are asked to:

  • Not allow children to participate in lessons if they are sick
  • Arrive early to allow check in at reception
  • Obey the safety rules at all times
  • Have long hair tied back or placed in a swim cap
  • Swim Caps must be worn in the higher levels (seals to squad)
  • Students that are not fully toilet trained must wear a swim nappy (and should go to the toilet prior to commencement of their lesson)
  • Do not change a child in public view, the family change rooms are recommended
  • Parents to be in the centre supervising their children if they are under 10 years old
  • The use of visual recording equipment should not be used unless permission has been approved and is of your own child only

Your child’s safety is extremely important to Splash Swim School. Teachers/coaches have the right to sit a child out of the pool or, on very rare occasions, be asked to leave the lesson if they are behaving in an unsafe manner that puts themselves or others at risk. 

GRALC is a proud member of Royal Lifesavings Keep Watch @ Public Pool program. Please remember:

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