Under 16s Information

As recommended by Fitness Australia all children under 16 years old must undergo a physical assessment to determine their physical capabilities before working out in the gym and using our equipment. This is to ensure that the child is not put in a situation where they are likely to be hurt or using equipment that may hurt them. It also helps our instructors to be aware of the child and their abilities to help them remain as safe as possible.

The physical capabilities of a child to undertake a gym program may vary and be affected by their physical stature & maturity, their history of participation in sport and their ability to understand and follow instruction.


Things to be aware of:

There is no minimum age limit applicable for an under 16s assessment however your child must be a minimum height of 140cm. This is to indicate physical ability to use gym equipment. (Depending on the Childs outcome they will obtain a coloured lanyard to wear whilst in the gym so the instructor is aware of their abilities and able to offer extra assistance.

From this assessment the child may be deemed "supervised" meaning a parent/guardian over 18 years must accompany them in the gym OR they may be deemed "unsupervised" meaning they may come workout in the gym alone. This is dependent on the child’s physical capabilities and maturity in the gym.

There is no access to the adult group fitness classes under 13 years of age.

If a membership is purchased the under 16s assessment is FREE however non-member fee of $42 applies (fitness passport members are considered members)

From an under 16s assessment your child will be approved for various classes and activities on the gym floor depending on their physical ability and maturity.


How to get started:

Check child’s height is above 140cm

Ring or come in to the Griffith regional Aquatic Centre and ask to speak to the Fitness club to book in your assessment (a parent/guardian must be present during the assessment)

Purchase a membership for your child and receive the assessment for free or pay for the assessment outright

Child receives lanyard and is able to workout in the gym.

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